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Lawyer’s Website Design Considerations

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Web Design for Personal Injury Lawyers

First impressions count, especially when it comes to your website. This has never been more true than in the case of law firm advertising.  In the extremely competitive world of personal injury law, making a strong, authoritative first impression is an absolute must.

We recently undertook a website makeover for a very old and respected group of  Syracuse personal injury lawyers.  The original website looked extremely dated and badly in need of a clean sweep.  The pictures needed updating, the firm had expanded into additional areas of legal practice.  It was a must-do undertaking.

In surveys and consumer research we have done, the takeaway is simple: if your website is old and breathing it’s last breath, potential clients seriously wonder of you are still at the top of your game and know how to and can win their case for them. This has never been more true than in the workplace and car accident injury area that these Syracuse personal injury lawyers compete in every day of their professional lives.

An old website that is not mobile friendly begs the question in the consumer’s mind: “Do these lawyers keep up to date on current New York personal injury legal precedent and technology, or am I wasting my time?”  And given the extremely aggressive nature of the personal injury law firm competition in Syracuse and across New York State, personal injury lawyers simply can’t afford to have their potential clients ask those types of questions about their legal practice, especially if you’ve been practicing law in the community for over 45 years.

The bottom line is that if you are a Syracuse personal injury lawyer, or practicing real estate or other types of law, an aggressive, strong, and authoritative website design is the website potential clients choose because you look successful and you look like you are at the top of your game.  Combine that with aggressive search engine optimization so you are consistently at the top of the first page of search results, and you have the winning recipe for law firm digital marketing success.

ATS Web Design Syracuse has over 25 years of legal marketing expertise. We have deep roots in the Syracuse, New York law market, and have helped numerous Syracuse area lawyers and law firms with their website and SEO needs.

Lead Generation for Small Business

Lead Generation for Small Business

GETTING NEW CUSTOMERS. If you own a small to medium sized business, and have heard the term “lead generation” but your not sure how it might apply to your business then you have come to the right place to learn the basics.

What Exactly Is Website Lead Generation?

The phrase “lead generation” is a rather loose term in marketing that refers to attracting consumers or business to your company’s services, products or offerings. There are a variety of methods and tools that are used to develop the leads that range from telemarketing, direct response advertising to sophisticated database and computer programs.

Often lead generation is created to develop sales leads through email newsletters, contact forms and so on. Sometimes leads are generated through business to business transactions but it also applies to companies that want to generate connections directly with customers.

Inbound Lead Generation & Outbound Lead Generation:

  • Inbound: This is when a consumer or other business comes to your company. They are initiating the contact. An example of inbound lead generation is when a consumer comes to your website from a Google search and lands on your home page, your blog, or your social media site.
  • Outbound: This is when your firm sends out various marketing messages. This communication can be via email, newsletters, or phone calls.

Lead Generation on a Shoestring

If you have limited time and financial resources, what simple steps can you take to have an effective lead generation strategy?
The practice doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated:

  • Where Do You Want to Go? One important step is to simply think about the concept. How can your business attract new sales leads? What areas can you tap to find potential new customers? What is your competition doing to attract new customers?
  • Current Customers. You already know your current customers, but do you have a process in place to systematically bring in new customers or business? You should be sure to know your prospects: for example, if you manufacture the latest in high-end ski equipment, you should not be targeting elderly golfers in your outbound marketing.
  • Ensure that all types of content – whether it’s your new responsive website design, comapny blog, email newsletter, and social media presence are perfectly coordinated and maintained in a timely and up to date manner! Make it a point to audit your various websites and social media channels every quarter to see that the information stays up to date, and refresh at least parts of it regularly. Try to make forms as short as possible and state clearly just how the prospect’s information will or will not be used. Again, the goal is to draw people in.

Lead generation is important to companies of all sizes. Even though some of the largest corporations have whole teams devoted only to lead generation, it should be a part of any small business owner’s marketing strategy.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: With over 20 years experience, ATS Design Group in Syracuse, New York is a team specializing in all aspects of online digital marketing including website design, SEO search engine optimization, and social media marketing as well as print and traditional advertising design. serving clients across upstate New York, throughout New England, and nationwide.


Is Your Website Just a Fancy Business Card?

Is Your Website Just a Fancy Business Card?

If you’ve ever been to a Coach store (or an outlet), you might have come across a business card holder. One of our founding members has a stack of business cards he keeps from customers and visitors alike. Business cards are a wonderful tool to represent what you already know about a person, and they can also be a reminder of that person later on.

But consider the “new age” of business relations. We have LinkedIn which is an electronic version of a resume, and Twitter and Instagram are almost acting as a business card. So then what does your website function as? As an experienced web design and digital marketing company, we have found that a website does a few specific things. One, it functions as a credibility factor. Can you prove to me that you’re trustworthy in what you’re selling to me? And two, it functions as an overview of that credibility.

Content Marketing: The Way Forward

In creating your credibility, the biggest asset you can have is a repository of information that you’ve created. Specifically in this case, a blog. Take a second and step back to think as a consumer or commercial potential client. You’ve heard of this company from a colleague or found it through a web search, so you visit the website. If the only thing to be found on the website is a brief walk-through of your services, but no supporting information to show that you can actually do and are knowledgeable about what you’re offering, you’re going to lose the client.

Likewise, on a smaller scale, what happens if you have great content but it’s nowhere to be found? It will be a similar outcome unless you show the potential client this is what I know. What that means for us as Syracuse web designers is that when we create a website, we center it around the content, not the other way around. To design a website that looks great and then fill it in with content is the same as presenting a business card to someone without attempting to build a relationship. Your business card, or in this case, your website, simply becomes a piece of paper or a nice-looking screen.

Content That Is Helpful

So there you have it. If 90% of consumers find custom content relevant and actually useful to them, the logical following would be you need to create custom, relevant, and useful content. Our goal in working to create your website is to help you by creating content and building the website around that. When we’re finished, you won’t have a business card, you’ll have a relationship-building tool.

Successful Website Design for Business

Successful Website Design for Business

Every so often a company realizes they need to completely redesign their website. The push for a company to do this is to create a more attractive look to their website in hopes it will lead to additional revenue.

While the look of a website is often how we initially judge a website, you have to remember that a website is not art. There are several different skills put to use that range from copy writing and typography, layout, coding, and photography all fused together to create a user experience that not only creates an impression of you, your business and your credibility, but a successful website design is one that is intuitive to navigate and makes it easy for visitors to find and access the content they are looking for.

Your website is the public face of your business. There are a number of factors that you need to be aware of when designing a successful website such as usability and SEO (search engine optimization), navigational considerations that need to be factored into the design. Understanding your market, clientele, potential users, and competitive environment is a large project management task that should kick off your design and building process to ensure your site matches what potential customers and users are looking for.

Website Design for Business

With the recent roll out of Google mobile-friendly mandate (Mobilegeddon), business websites need to be mobile friendly with clean, simple, engaging, usable design and layout. Finding the right balance when it comes to the various design elements of a website so that the emphasis is on the user experience while at the same time conveying your brand message and search visibility is the biggest challenge for successful website design.

Website Usability

Inbound traffic is key to a marketer’s goal and SEO plays a large part of that activity. It is important to also balance your SEO strategy with your web design layout with actually usability. What happens once users hit your site depends on if they stay or hit be back button.

SEO: Making Sure You Can Be Found

This is where marketing and your website development team really need to come together. While not the most important process in the past, it is now moving more to the forefront as drawing potential customers to your website is an important task if you want to increase your visibility.

Website Content – What are Visitors Really Looking For?

Content is a core element to everything that we do from both a design and marketing perspective. All good design should be focused around quality content that is informative for the user. The key to great content is to provide advice that is relevant and usable by your customers. If your website focus is entertainment, then create that experience. You can use a lot of color and imagery to create that experience. On the other hand, if your website that is more focused on information consumption such as aa blog or is creating in an online magazine format, then the focus clearly needs to be on fast load times, readability (especially on small devices such as smartphones) and clean, concise usability. Consider using a minimalist user interface which does not distract users from the content they have come to your website to consume.content.

Take the time to make your site appealing to your visitors as well as projecting a credible brand and you are in a winning position all around.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paul Albee is the digital marketing director of ATS Design Group in Syracuse, New York. Paul and his team specialize in all aspects of online digital marketing including website design, SEO search engine optimization, social media marketing as well as print and advertising design. Headquartered in the heart of upstate New York, ATS Design Group serves clients across upstate New York and nationwide.